Daddy spraying the car with a water hose
Taken by Jessica (from inside the car) August 2001

Tony's Family Page

Every webmaster starts out with pictures of the kids and such. I started one of those pages a long time ago, then left it as I went on to other projects. But now I've got a scanner, and it's time to share some of those old pictures with the family.

If you've encountered this page while surfing one of my web sites, welcome! If this section seems a bit self-indulgent, just imagine you were walking through the park and happened on a family reunion in progress. Enjoy!

Kids' Stuff

Other Family Stuff

A dark day

The September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington deeply affected our family, even though we have no relatives or friends who were among the dead and injured. Here are some of our thoughts on this dark hour in our country's history -- our world's history.

Just a little page thrown together by Robert Brooks, robert b at little cutie dot net.

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